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Inspector Samuelson Investigates a Killing in Kauai by Sara M. Barton (A Roaring Kill Mystery Book 2)

Aloha, paradise! Once known as Marigold Flowers, back when she was in the federal witness protection program, wedding planner Chrisanth Neeson is blossoming on the garden island of Kauai, her temporary home, as she reinvents her life. She’s not alone. Reunited with her father, Chris also is also spending time with the mother of the man she loves and someday hopes to marry. Everything is copacetic...until a companion is shot and she is stuffed into a rain barrel by a menacing man brandishing a gun. Was this another attempt at a contract killing or is something else going on?

Kauai is hardly the murder capital of the world. Police in paradise don’t normally deal with killers. Just ask Lieutenant Gwendolyn “Goldie” Golden of the Kauai Police Department’s Investigative Services Bureau. With a limited budget and lots of territory to cover, the cops are stretched thin after a body is found at the Puu o Hewa Reservoir; it becomes a priority case for the police, forcing the shooting to a back burner, even as a cattle rancher from the same neighborhood goes missing. Is this a crime wave?

Enter Jefferson Cornwall, the dashing thriller author and love of Chris’s life. Rushing to her side, he’s prepared to rescue the damsel in distress and sort out the clues, but he’s going to have a little help on the case from none other than his mother, Lisbeth Causley, author of the Inspector Samuelson Investigates mystery series, who also writes romantic suspense as Serena Duvall. Liz is no bubblehead babe. She’s solved some pretty tough cases and earned respect from law enforcement agents and forensics experts around the country. Mother and son rally a team of professionals and volunteers to uncover the threads of a dangerous mystery that involves Chris, a missing cattle rancher, and a woman in the midst of a very ugly divorce. Chris might not be an experienced crime-solver, but after all those years of living on the run, she knows a thing or two about surviving, and those skills are about to pay off big time!

My reviews: Inspector Samuelson Investigates a Killing in Kauai by Sara M. Barton (A Roaring Kill Mystery Book 2)


I liked this second mystery in the A Roaring Kill series. It can stand alone but you get more out of the characters by reading both books. A lot of the characters are back especially the ones at the end of the first book. It does a good job with the suspense of what all is happening. It has good action, drama and humor mix.

The drama, mystery and action just jumpstart the book. Chrisanth Neeson just witness a murder and kidnapped at gun point and stuffed in a barrel to start the book.

Chrisanth Neeson used to be in witness protection. She thought the danger was over and now its starting again. She is a wedding planner. Lives with her father in a condo on Kauai. Her boyfriend is Jefferson.

Jefferson Cornwall is a author of thrillers and has some hidden part of his past. He comes back to help keep her safe. His mother is an author and she is going to help to.

I like all the teasing between Jeff and his mother. I like how all the main characters realize that someone is in trouble and step right in to help her get out of it and help find the missing person before it turns out to late.

This is a clean book, a good mystery.

I bought this ebook because I have enjoyed reading other books by Sara Barton. It did not let me down.

The setting is Kauai makes me want to go see it.

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