Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Cowboy's Forever Family by Deb Kastner


His Best Friend's Baby

Widowed and pregnant, Laney Beckett wants nothing to do with stubborn rodeo cowboy Slade McKenna. But avoiding her late husband's best friend is nearly impossible now that Slade thinks Laney and her baby need his protection. Though Slade figures he's too rough a man to settle down, his thrill-seeking ways have already cost him his childhood pal. Looking out for the man's wife and child is the least he can do, especially when headstrong Laney doesn't know the first thing about running the family's ranch. For the sake of baby Beckett, Laney and Slade give friendship a chance…but could they become a true family?

Cowboy Country: Surprise babies lead to unexpected love in Texas
  • ISBN9780373879441
  • Price5.99
  • CurrencyUSD
  • EditionMass Market Paperback

  • My review: The Cowboy's Forever Family by Deb Kastner

    3 STARS

    This is a nice romance.  The baby in the cover is way off, but does show the love of the baby in there lives. 
    Slade and Laney get off to a rocky start. Laney Beckett is pregnant  about seven months when they meet again.  Her husband brody had died before he knew about the baby.

    Slade and Brody were best friends.  Slade feels like he was responsible for Brody's death while riding a bull. Slade is a policeman and rides bulls on the weekend. He plans to be there for Brody's baby.

    Laney Beckett married Brody fast and did not know a lot about him.  She has inherited his family's ranch. She plans to raise her child there as Brody would want.

    This is a clean story. I liked the characters. Some drama, action and caring small town life. Both Laney and Slade have to deal with forgiveness of each other and understand each other.

    I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and by Harlequin so I could give a honest review of The Cowboy's Forever Family.


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