Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hurricane Force by Jana DeLeon (Miss Fortune Mystery #7)

 Hurricane Force (Miss Fortune Mystery #7)

A force to be reckoned with…

During missions as a CIA assassin, Fortune Redding saw and overcame most every obstacle, but Sinful, Louisiana, keeps producing new challenges for her. When a hurricane blows through, it brings a shower of counterfeit money raining down on the tiny bayou town.

When the money is linked back to Ahmad, the arms dealer who issued the kill order on Fortune, everyone is worried that her nemesis is far too close for comfort. When Ahmad’s men turn up in Sinful, the situation becomes life-and-death for Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie, and Deputy Carter LeBlanc learns Fortune’s true identity.

As Swamp Team 3 rushes to locate the counterfeiter, Fortune hopes to take down Ahmad and free herself from her fake life. But will her relationship with Carter make it now that he knows the truth?

My review: Hurricane Force by Jana DeLeon (Miss Fortune Mystery #7)

5 stars

I laughed so hard in this book and yes most of it was of Gertie.  It is full of drama, laughter, mystery,
murder.  I want more of Miss Fortune adventures.. The first chapter is worth the price of the book.

This is the seventh book of the Miss Fortune mystery.  Each one is about a week of time and follow each other in Sinful, Louisiana. Fortune is a CIA Assassin who cover was blown and sent into Sinful to hide out as a beauty queen librarian. Only 4 others know who and what she is.

Ida Belle, and Gertie, are two seventy + single ladies that were spies during Vietnam war. Nobody in Sinful know that either.  They recognized who Fortune is and they end up getting involved in everything in Sinful.

This can stand alone but who would want to just read one of Miss Fortune series. 

A hurricane comes toward Sinful and during it, lots of counterfeiter bills are blowing around. Arms dealers are coming to Louisiana who has put the price on Fortune's head.

I will be looking for more books from Jana DeLeon in the future. 


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