Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DOUBLE HEART DINER (Route 66 Trilogy) Annie Jones

A romantic comedy car trip along Route 66 makes me want to travel too.
I laughed with them and at them and throughly enjoyed the book.
Jett Murphy is head of his company.  Jett plans to buy an old diner to tear down and sell to a developer who wants to build on it. Jett does business but keeps himself a part and out of limelight.
Georgia Darling worked for jet but when she found out their company planned to buy the dinner she quit and told in a note if they would not stop she would go to the press to stop them.
Her note sounded like blackmail to Jett and his uncle.
Thier is a reporter who has been trying to find dirt for a story on Jett. He found out another reporter was meeting Georgia and he went instead.
Jett showed to meet with Georgia instead of sending someone esle.
Georgia decided to not to talk to reporter and was trying to get out of restraunt without being seen. she puts a plastic bag over her hair and grabs a busboy bin. and a comedy of pitfalls with broken dishes food flying as Jett trys to rescue Georgia and reporter taking pictures trying to chase them. It got on tv too.
Jett was supposed to stay at his family cabin and out of site for a week for the deals to have time to pull together.
Georgia talks him into coming with her along the route 66 down to the cafe and giving her a chance to save it. They where disguises and get into a lot of trouble along the way.
I will try and read the other books as they come out its a Trilogy. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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