Friday, February 24, 2012

Review:Guy Langman, Crime Scene by Procrastinator Josh Berk

Guy Langman is in high school.  He is still reeling from his fathers death.  He has gone to some counceling.  his father was over 20 years older than his mom. Guy is known for being lazy.
Anoop Chattopadhyay is best friend and has talked him into joining the forensic club after school.  also drives Guy around because no license or car.
Guy decides he is going to write a book about his dad. All the sayings he said.
Guy realized their was a lot he did not know about his dad.  One secret is he has a older brother. With the lessons he learned  from picture that his mom lied. The guy in the picture was his dads son.
They are dealing with high school issues,plus morning and trying to solve a real crime.
I was enjoying the ebook I was given the ebook to review the book from Netgalley.
03/13/2012 PUB  Random House Children's Books  Alfred A. Knopf BFYR

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