Wednesday, February 22, 2012

River daughter and other stories by Annie Bellet

This collection of short stories has quite a twist to them. They are a not for faint of heart.Good stories that keep your attention. topics are concerns we have now but different look at them.
River daughter is the first story. Ha takes care of the river and the river takes care of her. She does the job her mother and her mother's mother have done before her. Ha is pregnant with Truc.  Three stran gers come and ask her to take them up river, she feels they wont let her keep her wages, but she needs the gold to have her power. Ha will protect the river if they are their to take from it.
La Ultima Esperanza
sneaking into the US to get better job to help family back home. Becareful what you agree to when you hire a coyete.
Roping the Mother
Lots of tornados and storm chasers.
10/04/2011 PUB Doomed Muse Press

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