Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seattle Cinderella by Gail Sattler

 This book has four different stories in it. I really liked the first story.  I am going to write a review of each story as I read it.
Cindy and the Prince
Cindy lives with her stepmother and two stepsisters.  Cindy owns half the house and half of the business. Her two stepsisters work in the office and her stepmother owns the other  half.  Cindy can't afford to live anywhere else and her stepmother is contesting the will.
Luke Princeton owns a business across from Cindy and keeps asking her
Cindy keeps saying no.  Luke also is raising his niece after her parents were killed.
Second story is of Cindy's stepsister Annie and Luke's business partner Brent story. This story takes place soon after  Cindy's story. It
starts with Brent watching out for Annie who is watching & running Cindy's business while she is on her honeymoon. Brent is running his shop while Luke is away too.
Annie after she realized how badly her mom had treated Cindy and all the lies she had believed about Cindy was try to make amends too Cindy.
Annie was starting to help with accounting at Luke & brents place and was having trouble with the accounts. Also Cindy's car was stolen and found in Annie garage. Luke was ready to fire her but Brent was thinking she was set up.
Till death us Part is Zella story.
Zella's mother wants to set her up on blind date because she wants to open a business as a wedding planner.  Zella is  not getting married so her mom can use the publicity. So Zella makes the excuse she has a book club meeting every friday at library.
The book club annoucement she glanced out was really a bookclub for writers.
Trevor was actually writing under the name T.J. Zereth.  Before anyone told her about that, Zella raved about her favorite author and how she would love to meet him and get a picture together.
Trevor was attracted to Zella and wanted her to meet the man before the author. Trevor kept making excuses to be with her and had her help him come up with ways to kill someone for his books.
Zella's mom just heard part of conversations and she thought he was a hitman and trying to get her daughter to help him kill for real.
The last book is
Never too Late
Farrah Tobias story she is Cindy's Godmother.
Farrah is a elementry teacher and has never been married.  Her fiance got sick and died before they could marry.
Kat and her friend Tyler decide to set Farrah up with Tyler's uncle  Matt.
lots of people were always trying to introduce women to Matt.  This was the first time someone set him up with a older woman.  Matt recongized what the teens were doing, but Farrah had no idea why they were always bumbing into Matt.
All four stories were good and fun to follow the characters.
The books did not have swearing or sex scenes in them, would let my teens read them. I would read more books by Gail. I was lent the ebook in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
03/01/2012 PUB Barbour Books

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