Saturday, February 25, 2012

See How They Run by Bethany Campbell

Wow a lot of action in this story. There is some love scenes,swear words and violence.
The story is centered around two twin brothers,Rickie & Trace who are autistic that witnessed a murder outside their special school. They have great memory for numbers. They saw the killer's face,make and color of car and even the licence numbers.
The dead guy turns out to be a Mafia head and suspects is the Columbian cartel.
Their teacher was standing by them so all three were taken in to a safe house. Their is a joint agency task force that is in charge of them.  Someone sold their identys & pictures in the paper so they had to relocate them. As they are comming into the gate they run into a trap and some of the guards get killed and wounded.
Jefferson of the FBI is wounded badly. Montana is excop who now is lawyer gets the 5 of them away. They know now that their is a leak in the task force so they can't go in. Montana knows a 80 year old doctor who helps them.
Their are a lot of different places they go to hide and figure out what to do next. They are in a lot of trouble no one knows if Jefferson was left back in New York or if he is on the run with them.
Laura is trying to keep the boys from freaking out from all the things that are surrounding them. They don't do well with change. They take boxes of the boys stuff with them at all the moves.
I did not put the book down till I had finshed reading it. Laura and Montana romance was a little weak.  I would read more books like this one.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
02/13/2012 PUB Random House Publishing Group  Loveswept

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