Friday, February 24, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish by Roxanne St. Claire, Jill Shalvis & Maureen Child

This has three different stories by three different writers. I am going to write about the three stories as I finsh each one.
The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St. Claire
In the Sins of his Past Deuce Monroes comes home after he lost his baseball career in a car crash. He plans to buy the family sports bar and run it.
Deuce is in for a big surprise his dad has sold part of the bar and is now a internet cafe with plans to add a theater,art gallery taking over the whole block.
The part owner is Kendra his best friend little sister. They have worked hard for 2 years on the plans.  Kendra has had a crush on Deuce for a long time.
years earlier they made love when Deuce came home for his moms funeral.
Kendra than lost her scholarship to Harvard because of Deuce and now he threatens to take her new dream away.
Deuce finds other changes in his hometown. His father is living with his fiance and Deuce has never heard of her.
Seamus Monroe took over the family bar from his father but he did not realize that Deuce wanted to run it now. He had made plans with Kendra and business is better at internet cafe than a bar.  He is torn about what to do now. Seamus and Diane had plans to be gone for 6 weeks. While they are gone Deuce and Kendra try to see how things could work out.  Kendra will run the internet cafe and after 5 will be a sports bar again.
Kendra is not afraid because she does not think he can show bar is doing good in only a months time.
Deuce being a hometown celeberty in two days with a bunch of phone calls the bar is crowded on first night. He has a lawyer friend from high school as bartender and other members of high school are back to help him to open.
With the bar doing so well it also brought in more business for the coffee shop during the day.
Deuce also wants to date  Kendra where they left off. Kendra does not want to make same mistakes.

Tangling With Ty by Jill Shavlvis
This was published the first time in 2003. I enjoy getting to read books that I have missed or reading old favorites.
Nicole is a Doctor and  works all the time. She graduate from High school before she was a teenager. She short, cute,smart and ackward in socializing.
One day coming home found a guy lying down in hallway.  Ty Patrick O'Grady an architect is looking over the building that was old and run down right now only 3 people live in.
Ty and Nicole are both alone and happy about it' but they can't fight the attraction.
I enjoyed watching Ty and Nicole fighting and letting love in. Their are some love scenes in the book.
Whatever Reilly Wants by Maureen Child
This book I would give 3 stars too. Did not like bet the Reilly's made 
start with. Did not like Connor especially the first scene with Emma. The idea that they can't go to months without sex Connor blames everything on. Lot of love scenes. But on the other hand want to know who wins the bet. Connor when he loses he is glad. Also when he realizes what mistakes he has made makes up for them.
Connor is a triplet. Their Uncle died and left them 10,000 together. They were trying to decide how to split it or what. Even give part to their older brother Liam some of the money. They came up with a bet and it was Liam Idea of it.  Liam is a Father. The triplets can't have sex for three months and the one who finshes wins. If all three can't make it the money comes to Liam who as a Father I believe in Catholic church. The loosers have to be in big parade wearing cocnut bras.
Connor comes complaing to Emma and makes some hurtful remarks about her to her face and does not even notice that she is mad. Her revenge is to make Connor loose the bet and break his heart.
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