Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: The Cowboy Tutor by Linda Ford

The line of books really fit this book Harlequin Love Inspired Historical.  The title also fits well. I enjoyed The Cowboy Tutor that is set in the great depression era. Which a lot of people are now struggling with some of the same problems.

Madge lives with her mom and two sisters. Madge was a tomboy who followed her father and learned from him skills.  So when her father was died she took over the support of her family.  She let the  bank have most of the farm land, sold the livestock and kept a cow and calf and some chickens.  She took in laundry and because she had a great big room upstairs to hang the laundry to dry so it stayed dust free.
Louisa is the oldest girl but has been sick most of her life.  She is beautiful and wants so much to learn.  So her mom took some of Madge money to place an ad for a tutor and hoped he would marry her.
Sally is the youngest and helps with chickens and does cooking too with her mom.
Madge had lost her best clinet and then found some of the money missing and took on another job to pay the bank so they would not lose their house too.
Justin  was the tutor hired for Louisa. He had a limp and long issues coughed and was frail.  He quit teaching and became a cowboy.
Judd is Justin real name he is hiding who he really is because he learned that the person who took his mothers savings was going to live in this area and he was going to get justice for his mother.  Judd than plans to go be a cowboy again he loves working outside.
They turn to prayer to get through the tough times and the scriptures.  I really like Madge and appreciate her willingness to work for her family.  This story did leave me feeling good.  I real read more books from Linda. So far I have really enjoyed the love inspires books that I have read.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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