Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review:His Secret Past by Katie Reus

It was suspense, you were never quite sure who all you could trust in the story.
Hunter Cassidy disappeared six years ago and left behind Alexis Baptiste pregnant.
Hunter was a former DEA agent and thought his boss was on the take. CIA
had shown him proof. The CIA wanted him to go undercover and get close to head of a drug cartel and get some papers in his files.
His cover was a gun dealer.
Hunter hated what he was doing but thought it was for CIA found out it was not sactioned at all. He got the files and they promised to leave him alone and Alexis too.
Alexis has a five year old and plans to get married in a month. Today she is going for her final wedding dress fitting. When she sees her exboyfriend following her.  Then someone breaks into her house to kill her.
Hunter just plans to keep an eye on Alexis to make sure she is safe when he sees her son and realizes he is a father. Then Alexis sees him following her.
Hunter heard her scream and kills the killer. Hunter won't let her call the police but she was able to call her fiance when he was hiding the body.
Hunter is not sure now who to trust his old DEA boss he thought was crooked and the CIA blackmailed him to work as gun dealer and he ended up killing drug cartel leader and others to get the files out. His own history looks bad. He needs to keep Alexis and his son safe.
Its action packed romance. There are some sex scenes. I would like to read more books from Katie. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
01/02/2012 PUB Carina Press

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