Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss by Maya Banks

I liked both stories in this book.  Their are love scenes in both Tempted by
Her Innocent Kiss and Never Too Late, the short story by Brenda Jackson.
In the first book is the story of Devon and Ashley. It opens with Devon planning to ask Ashley to marry him. Her father made that a condition of their companies mergeing together. Devon is not to happy about decieving Ashley.
After a romantic dinner at his place before they make love, Ashley tells him that she is a virgin.
Devon is proud and possessive. tells her that from now on she will stay with him. The next morning wakes up to a rose, card and diamond ring beside her.
Ashley is full of joy and wears were feelings out for people to see. She works at a animal shelter. She wants to have a house, animals and children.
On her wedding night she finds out that Devon does not love her and that her father made Devon marry her.
Devon tells her faults and that he thinks they can make the marriage be a good one.
Ashley starts to make the changes to fit with what he wants and becomes more unhappy all the time. Devon does not like the changes either.
In Never Too Late
Sienna marrage will be over in two weeks time. She goes to their cabin to take all her stuff out of it, because Devon gets the cabin in the divorce.
Devon goes to the cabin because he left something their a couple of weeks ago and wants it before the big snow storm comes.
Devon is not happy that she is their too. Sienna wants to know if he came alone when he stayed their and what he left.
Sienna looks out and a blizzard of snow did not hold out for the next day it was here now.  They dont have a lot of food to last a few days they might be stuck their.
Devon did not want a divorce and was surprised when he came home one day to find that she had left. He wants this time to figure out what went wrong and if they can save their marrage.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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