Monday, February 27, 2012

Moonstone by Marilee Brothers

4 stars
I was given all 4 books in this series to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. I decided to write each book review seperately.
Allie was living with her mother in a small trailer behind her Uncle Sid's house when she fell off a ten foot ladder into a electric fence.
Allie had a whole in center of her forhead. She is starting to being able to move things with her mind.
Allie takes care of her mom who has been sick for two years. She does not even know her dads name. Every thursday evening her mom's lawyer comes over and Allie goes to stay at the local haunted house with Kizzy. Kizzy is a rich lonely widow with one adopted daughter who only comes around when she wants money.
Kizzy tells Allie that her hole is right their where the third eye would be. Kizzy gives her a moonstone that is powerful and that she is the one that was fortold to have it.  Tells her to always protect it.
The day that Kizzy is going to lawyer to sign a new will she is beaten up and left for dead in her house. Allie finds out at school and she leaves the school and looses her flip flops running when Junior gives her a ride over to Kissy's and than the hospital. Kizzy is in a coma and a Strange man posing as Kizzy uncle is looming over the bed.
Allie is afraid that someone will try and harm Kizzy. Allie finds the prophecy with Junior;s help and finds out people want her moonstone for its power.
With it Allie can hear people thoughts.  She is told to choose well that one path leads to glory the other to death. To protect the moonstone and trust no one.
I got caught up in the story and can't wait to start the next book in the series.
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Thank you so much for reviewing Moonstone. I appreciate it!