Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review:Redwood bend by Robyn Carr

I enjoy reading about Virgin River community books.  I think this is the third book so far that I have read.
Katie Malone has decided that now its safe to be around her brother Conner again, She is going to live closer to him.  Conner had witnessed a murder and they had bombed their business so the D.A. Moved her and twins across the country and Conner up in the mountains of Virgin River.
Katie was taking her 5 year old twins to DisneyWorld first than going to Virgin River and enjoy her sons summer vacation before deciding where she wanted to live and what job she wanted.  Her husband was in the army and died before the twins where born.  Conner was their for her,Andy and Mitch.  They all had a stressful year with all the changes.
Katie on her trip up the mountains to visit Conner got a flat and she knew how to change a tire but couldn't get lug nuts off. Four motorcyclists stopped to help them. Katie thought Dylan was good looking and thought he was familar.
Conner and Leslie took the family to local bar to eat. Dylan and friends where their and Katie realized he was the child actor that she had a crush on years ago. 
Dylan now a rancher and pilot had his own small airport, and charter business was having bad times not a lot of people where flying on charters right now.  Dylan was planning after the vacation with friends to maybe look into making a movie again to help his business stay in business without having to fire a bunch of staff.
Dylan whole family life was a mess. He had a bunch of have siblings and step siblings all down on their luck except the grandmother who got him out of hollywood to straighten him self up after his best friend at 15 died of overdose.  His father was already died from bad car accident.  Dylan never dated mothers but he could not stay away from Katie.
It was fun seeing them fall in love and Dylan also fell for Andy and Mitch. Conner and Dylan did not get along to well. I want to read more of the Virgin River books. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
02/28/2012 PUB Harlequin Mira Books

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