Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: The Lost Goddess by Tom Knox

I have mixed views on this book.  Their is a lot of history in here that I really did not know about. All the violence of the past is painful, scary and the numbers are hard to believe. But if we do not learn from the past we will repeat it.
The mystery and suspense some of it or a lot of the science bits I did not totally understand and I really hope that part if pure fiction but know some is probably true.
Their are two parts of the story and how they switched threw me some and had to realize that they had switched again.
Julia was a archaeolgist working in a cave underground in France at the begining. I liked her but wanted more emotion from her. I felt a little detached from her.  She was trying to put the pieces together and came up with a theory.
Jake was a photographer who was working on photos for a coffee book when he wanted to find out more of what was happened in the past That Chemda was trying to uncover in Cambodia.  So Jake went with her to the Plain of Jars and their escape to figure out the past and stay alive began.
I had a hard time caring about Jake and Chemda I don't know if it was I could not totally escape into the book or if just a bad day for me to connect.  I am thinking it was because I was more concerned about the real victims in the history of the region that I could not enjoy the book more.
I know that I want to know more of the region history and have already looked up and read more about the Plain of Jars.  The history and the discriptions of the region were real and I could envision it.
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