Friday, November 4, 2011

Reveiw: Crave by Melissa Darnell

I had to wait to read this book for awhile till I was in the mood for it. Then I did not put it down till I finshed reading it. Still want more of the story so I think their will be another story or at least hope so.
Savannah and Tristan got married in 4th grade recess and her best friend where twins.  The next day no one could associate with Savannah and they could not tell her why.
The Clan founding members settled this part of Texas and their were a lot of rumors about them. The Clan families where in leadership everywhere. The Clan adults told their children to stay away from Savannah.  Some of them took instead to teasing her, insulting and pushing her around.
Savannah always knew when Tristan was nearby she would get sick to her stomache.  Tristan could always pick her laugh out of all the noise in school.
They had math together every other day and had to sit next to each other.  Than one day Savannah got really sick and stayed out of school for a week. Tristan tried to find out she was but no one would tell him.
After a few days Savannah woke up and her dad,mom and grandmother were around her bed.  They had to tell Savannah the truth about herself and her dad. Her dad was a vampire and mom a witch. A member of the clan till they were kicked out. The vampire and witches have had many wars and their was a peace treaty but no one wanted the two to get together.  Everyone thought vampires could not have children but Savannah was born.  They had to promise she would never learn magic and had to stay away from the clans.
Each side was afraid she would be a weapon against other side.  So her parents tried to keep Savannah from puberty but now she had to have spells taken off her.  When she went back to school she had changed.  Had to wear new bras and shirts to fit her new body.  Hair color got more healthy, Boys were flirting with her.  She could read emotions.
It was harder to stay away from Tristian. Tristian could not keep attention from Savannah and when boys would become stalking her Tristian learned to make charms for her and  sneak them in her backpack. Everyone was watching Tristian and Savannah making sure they kept apart.
Its a little like Romeo and Juliet but more dangerous all around. I hope to read more books by Melissa. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
10/25/2011 PUB Harlequin  Harlequin Teen

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