Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review:Three- Day Town by Margaret Maron

It kept me interested and guessing the whole book. I like Deborah and Dwight.  I think their must have been other books written with them and I would read them.
Deborah and Dwight after a year of marriage are finally going on a honeymoon to New York City by way of train.  Leaving Dwight son with brother and sister-in-law. They are staying in an apartment for a week while renter is out of town.
Dwight is second in command of the Sheriff's Dept. in Colleton County, North Carolina.  Deborah is a Judge.
Their first day in New York they are invited to neighbor's party in the next apartment.  They where asked by a distant relative to give her daughter a package since she lived in New York. But the daughter was out of the country for a month and left her daughter's phone number. So Deborah called and told her about the package. Sigrid Harald called back and asked what was in the package her grandmother sent her mom.
So Deborah opened it and it was a statue of bunch of men making love. So Sigrid arranged to come pick it up that night and meet them at the party.  When Sigrid and Deborah went back to their apartment the door was open and the statue gone. Dead building super on balcony. with door opened. In the bathroom Deborah was last to use it before they went to party and seat was up and she knew others had used it. Turns out a lot of people kept going in and out of that apartment.
Everytime I thought okay maybe its him someone else dies.  The super Phil's wife has mental problems and she stills little shiny stuff useually animals. Phil is always returning them. She never leaves the building and doesn't talk to others but does clean some of the apartments.
The building has a old elevator that the doorman is sopposed to run at all times, but because their was a party lots of people crowded in hallway ended up lot of people came into the apartment to use the bathroom.
Easy read murder mystery. Likeable characters.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
11/21/2011 PUB Grand Central Publishing

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