Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Emmy's Equal by Gruver, Marcia

I really enjoyed reading Emmy's Equal. Emily is fiesty and does not give up.
We first meet Emmy by an old well and she talks Nash into helping her go down the well looking for a hankie she lost.
Her parents and her Aunt Bertha are going on a trip to learn about cattle ranching down to South Texas.  Emmy wants to go visit her friend Charity in St. Louis or stay home while they are away.  Emmy's father William will not hear of her traveling so far or staying home by herself.
Emmy is 21 blond and beautiful living in Humble, Texas in 1906.  She loves her parents but thinks her father does not love her because of his harshness to her.
On the Twisted-R Ranch lives Mrs Katherine Rawson her husband John Rawson owners,their son Cuddy, daughter is Greta. Diego his forman and lives in the bunk house with the other workers. Diego's Mom lives near the big house in one room house.
Before they had guests on the ranch Greta has been flirting with Diego's and Diego's had been thinking to ask her father if he could court her.
Both Cubby and Diego were both taken by Emmy's looks and started to compete for her attentions which left Greta jealous. Diego's mom Melatha was afraid either girl would not be right for her son. Cubby drinks a lot, his father is always holding Diego as an example and wants Cubby to be more like him.
The story keeps you interested and has lots of drama.  Good clean story, has a lot of conflicts with everyone interacting together. Also has some faith but does not throw it in too much.
I would like to read some other books in this series.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews by Netgalley.
10/01/2009 PUB Barbour Publishing Inc Barbour Books

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