Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill

Two short stories in one book. Their is a lot of laughter,sex and Elvis in the first story.
Clayton Jessup III just inheritance a hotel themed around Elvis in Memphis, Tennasee. Clayton lives and works back east and can't believe this part he inherited.  The rooms were all decorated around Elvis movies.  His suite was the Roustabout. included cotton cany machine,hotdogs ect.
Clayton was planning on selling the hotel and the empty lot next door.  When he heard animals he looked out the window and saw a living nativity scene on his property included sheep,donkey and real baby.
Annie and her brothers set up the living nativity to earn money they needed for their farm. Their parents died a few years ago and they were trying to keep the farm going.  They needed a new barn roof, money for vet school and her brother just had a baby left for him.
Clayton went to tell them to get off his property but fell and hurt his head and foot.  Then Clayton had a bad reaction to medicines so Annie took him home from farm. They were polar oppisites. Clayton lived in a house with 8 bathrooms,cook,gardner east coast. Annie with her brothers and grandmother and the new baby on farm with one bathroom.
I enjoyed the story but not the sex scenes.
The second story is about Lance Caslow a NASCAR star trying to win his wife back after their divorce 5 years ago.  He did not want a divorce and fought it. He was friends with Brenda since they were 5. had one little girl age 7 who wanted her parents back too.
Brenda still loved Lance but did not trust him with all the pictures of women draped over him. Also after they seperated Lance got drunk and slept with someone else.
Lance asked for help from others and ended up preforming on stage to try and show Brenda how much he still loved her.
They were fast reads. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
11/18/2011 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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