Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: Brotherband Chronicles bok 1 Outcasts by John Flanagan

As far as I am concerned John Flanagan has another hit series going. It was exciting and drew you in from the first. Did not want to put it down. The only bad thing is wait till the next book comes out.
It starts out 12 years in the past when Erak is still raiding and two warriors are holding off some fighters whill the rest are taking the treasure to the ship. One is killed and he asks his friend to watch over his wife and boy.
Than it tells a little about Hal his mom Karina and Thorn lives. How Hal became good friends with Stig and how he builds his boat .
Then most of the story is about the Brotherband training camp. How their is 3 teams competting to be the best. Wolves led by Rollond, Sharks let by Tursgud and the Herons by Hal. The first two co-captains were picked but no one second the third so the first two teams picked 10 and the ones no one wanted became the Herons named after Hal boat that 5 of them had worked on and sailed with him. They only had 8 to their team.
Right away you want to root for the Herons the underdogs. Tursgud is spoilled and does not fight fair. It build the story very well and you want to see what happens next. See how they come together and become a team.

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