Saturday, November 26, 2011

review:Baby Don't Go by Stephanie Bond

I really like this series about the town of Sweetness was destroyed by a F5 strom.  Only the water tower survived.  The Armstong brother came back home to rebuild the town.  They brought in lots of workers that lived in a bunkhouse. But no women, so they put out  ad in Broadway Michigan for women and offered a free room and board lots of single guys. To help build a town again with green jobs and buildings stronger.
Alicia Randall writes for a magazine feminist.  Alicia is a afended by the asking for women.  Alicia goes undercover for her stories so she heads to Sweetness. Alicia walks into the dinner to ask for a job and comes out manager.
The manager just quit but everyone who had worked quit and the food not good.
Marcus is not looking for a  relationship he is too busy building the town so when inspectors come they will get the grant and the land of Sweetness belongs to the
I have read a few of the stories and have liked them and would love to read the books that had already come out.  I was given this ebook in exchange of hones review from Netgalley
07/26/2011 PUB Harlequin Mira books

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