Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review:Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch Series by debora Geary

5 Stars
I love this world going  on in California.  Their Witch community is great.
Their are a couple of new faces, but a lot of old friends.
Sierra is about to turn 18. She has been in fostercare for 6 years and now she needs to find a job so she can leave.  Sierra has been doing magic forever but she has not been trained like most witches.  She doesnt know what could happen world wide when she plays with her magic.
We finally get to meet Jamie's brothers Devin more than Matt.
Also meet T.J. non witch genius and Govin a weather witch who together try and save lives.
As with all her stories so far their are so many characters that we get to see them all working, playing and eating. Aervyn is turncant ing five. Lauren finally finds a guy.
It has a lot of fun either in real life or in the video games. Its  enjoyale read.  I was given this ebook in exchane for honest review by debora geary.

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