Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review:Twas The Night by Sandra Hill

This was a fun different book. There was three writers writing a chapter at a time about three different men who grew up together at a boys home. They are the best man at a wedding of George a vet who believed in them and mentored them.  They were all trying to get back for the Christmas Eve wedding but the east coast was in the middle of hugh winter storm and all the flights were cancelled.
Sam Merrick was stuck in Philadelphia's airport when flights to Maine were cancelled. Sam is a Navy pilot and a Blue Angel pilot. He was the first to be picked up by the Santa Brigade. Santa Brigade was a group of senior citizens who traveled in a bus visiting homeless shelters and putting on christmas show with presents for the children.  He knows the Santa Brigade members even though he has not been back to Maine since graduating high school. In fact the director was his ex-flame Reba. Sam was excited to see her again especially finding out she was divorced. Sandra Hill wrote the  the Sam's chapters.
Trish Jensen wrote Kevin's chapters. Kevin  who's nick name was JD which stood for Juvenile Delinquent. Kevin was called Juvenile Delinquent a lot in Snowdon by the adults. So his best friends Sam & Stan at the boy's home shorten it to JD. Kevin was a cop for 5 years than a P.I. and part time bounty hunter. Sam was stuck in a train station at Schenectady.  Kevin was after Cassandra Lee Brandt and found her so handcuffed her and ended up taking her too on the Santa Brigade.
Stan Kijewski was a Quarterback for a NFL but recently got in an accident that ended his career. George had asked him to pick up  Dana Freeman on his way to the wedding. Where they were trapped by closed roads, but the santa brigade was able to pick them up. His chapters were writtenby Kate Holmes.
All three guys were   happy to see each other for longer but they also ended up part of the shows.  The senior citizens where a lot of fun. Everyone on the bus ended up helping to give the kids a good show.
I enjoyed seeing all three couples fall in love. They all really enjoyed being part of Santa Brigade.  Made me want to help more than I do.  There was three love scenes that did not have to be thier in so much detail. That was the only part I disagree with. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
11/15/2010 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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