Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Marian's Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly

I stayed up till 3 am was not finshed reading but could not stay awake anymore. First thing this morning had to finsh the book.
Marian is quite the character. She is very smart almost 17 year old. She speaks her own mine, and doesn't let anyone put her down.  She also takes care of wounded animals and makes her own remedies.
Last year her father died on Christmas and he left his property and family way in debt.
Lady Wynswich has written her son Percy to find a rich suiter for his sister Ariadne and bring him home. If Ariadne marry someone rich they could save their home.
Ariadne is in love with local  Vicar Sam. Sam Beddoe  is poor and afraid to face Percy & Lady Wynswich to ask for Ariadne hand in marriage. Ariadne does mostly what she is told to do.
Percy came home from peace talks with two guests, Sir William Clinghorn and Lord Ingraham.  Sir William is not a likable man. Rich though he is. He wants to change everything even Ariadne name.  Lord Ingraham came because he did not want to go home this christmas.  In fact he was burned and scars on his face when the French sunk the ship he was on, while on peace talks with after English torched Washington 1813.
Alistair got kicked out of Eton a week before Christmas and end of the term. Alistair as the youngest and Marian were raised up a lot  by their father so they are outspoken, teases and Mare has free access to all the books. Whereas Percy and Ariadne were more influenced by their mother.
I laughed and cried in reading this story of the Wynswich Christmas.  Everyone seemed to have a plot of somekind going on. I would read more of Carla Kelly's books in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review.
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