Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: The Blue Enchantress by Tyndall, Marylu

Blue Enchantress is a fun christian romance book.  It has slave trade,pirates and many more adventures. I would love to read more Marylu. I stayed up till 4 am and could not put book down.
Miss Hope Westcott found herself in the Caribbean on St. Kitts up for sale in a slave auction. Her fiance that she sneaked on board is ship to runaway with him.  She found out that he was married and he denied knowing her.  So the captain of the ship put her up for auction.
Nathaniel Mason was also from Charles Towne with his ship saw her up for auction and could not believe it.  He was drawn to her but she would not have time for him.  He could not leave her so he entered the bidding and after all his money was not enough he bid his ship and won.  He only had two ships that he had built himself and was trying to have a fleet of his own.
Nathaniel made a deal with to work on Lady Devon,  a different ship to pay their passage to Kingstown where he was to meet up with his other merchant ship.  He would than see her safely back home to Charles Towne and her family.
Nathaniel lived a rough life is younger days than a revend raised him and taught him about Christ.  His mother sold herself to men.  Nathaniel vowed to save himself for marriage only. He put a lot of faith in Christ and was willing to share his love of the Savior. Praying for help with the problems that came up.
Also on board the Lady Devon were Mr. Gavin Kesse the second mate. Abigail Sheldon who was going to Kingstown after her missionary parents were killed to work with a friend their as a missionary too. Mrs and Mr. Hendrick and their little girl Elise.  Captain Conway, Mr. Herbert Russel a business man, Major Harold Paine and other sailors.
Their is much action from the start of the slave auction it kept me wanting to find out what happens next. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review.
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