Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Alias Dragonfly by Jane Singer

I love how brave Maddie and everyone who was risking their lives for their beliefs no matter what side of the war they were on. Maddie story kept me riveted did not put the book down till it was through.
At the ending are a bunch of study guide questions that help you to think more deeply.  After that is a list of which characters are based on real people. Plus their is a list of books about different subjects of the civil war era.
Maddie was 15 at start of the war. Her mother had died just months before that and her father inlisted in the second New Hampshire Infantry Regiment as a private. Maddie was taken to Washington D.C. to stay with her Aunt at her boarding house.
Maddie could remember everything she saw she wanted to join and fight with her father but no one would let her. While she was out in the city she noticed one of her Aunt's boarders from the south was dressed as a preacher in disguise outside of a famous Rebel's house of Rose Greenhow.
Because she impressed Mr. Webster of her observations she recalled he introduced her to Mr. Pinkerton where she was tested and than trained as a spy.
I hope their are more adventures of Maddie to come in the future. I will gladly read them. It gives you glimpses of what life might be like at that time. Different family members choosing different sides of war to support. Slaves trying to get to freedom and slave traders willing to kill them. Even different cemetaries for black and white. How quilts hanging could tell a message or doll wearing different colors in a window.
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