Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr

This is the second book about the town of Virgin River that I have read and enjoyed. I want to read the rest of the books sometime. Thier's a few love scenes in it. Virgin River community is what is ideal about it. They all pitch in and care about each other. Makes me want to be a better nieghbor.
Conner Danson owned a business and worked hard. Conner help take care of his widow sister and their twins. One night he was taking trash out the back of his store when he saw a murder take place.  Conner called the cops and was willing to testify than his store was burned down.
the DA called his sister and hid Conner Danson in Virgin River and his sister in the East Coast. Dan Conner was his new name and worked construction for a job.
Conner was also divorced after catching his wife with another guy and found out their had been lots of guys.
Leslie Petruso moved to Virgin River after her divorce and his remarrage. She was still hurting to see her ex with his wife everywhere she went. Leslie ex still wanted to be good friends with her. So she told her boss of ten years that she was quitting. Her boss got her a job with his son who split off to start his own construction business in Virgin River. Paul Haggerty worked with dad some of the same time with Leslie and was glad to hire her. Paul knew she could do the job and his wife was glad to not do office work for him.
Conner and Leslie both did not want relationships right now with all their baggage. They made he each other laugh and grew closer.
I like the community and how welcome the people of Virgin River were. They helped each other when they saw the needs. I read it without putting it down.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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