Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I enjoyed tara luna. Life would be much easier if she did not use her gifts to help others. Tara is psychic and she has two ghosts since she was little always hanging around. Millicent lived over 100 years ago and is always checking guys out. Henry hates all the moving from state to state. He also likes to hide talk things when he is upset. He doesn't talk.
Tara lives with her uncle Pat. Both of her parents died in a car accident when s he was little. Her uncle is her only relative. Tara is a senior and they just moved to a new city. She is always the new kid.
Her first day of school she crosses Prissy off. Prissy is a cheerleader and popular. She also meets Flynn who likes that she doesn't play prissy games. Lets her know she is laughing at her and facts like she is a cheater.
Tara learns that a teacher is being robbed by her babysitter for drugs. So she lets her know.
I will read more books about Tara they were funny and she always did what she thought was right. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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