Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: The Mogul's Maybe Marriage by Mindy Klasky

Its a  cute romance. Easy to read. Strong characters facing tough decisions.
Ethan is President of his family business Hartwell Genetics. They have come up with a lot of medicine to treat different genetic troubles, but not his own family problems.
His Grandmother his chairman of the board and she is tired of seeing name in the paper with different women all the time. She tells him that unless he is married by her birthday she is stepping down and donating all her shares of stock to charity.
Ethan does not want to loose control and have to fight over every decision he makes and keep his family problem secret.
The only women that he thinks about after seeing is Sloan that he met after a charity auction. He still remembers waking up at hotel and she was gone how they talked into the night about dreams.
He goes to her apartment and sees the vitamins on counter and asks her if he is father. Sloan says yes and he asks her to marry him and she says no.
So he starts over and they deal with her being pregnant and he tells her that their is chance the baby has a good chance dying by age 3 if carries this one gene but they can test for it in a month.
So they have to deal with the wait and mean while she had lost her job. He tries to win her over and be the guy she wants him to be.
I would read more books from Mindy Klasky in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

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