Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review:grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth

This book Grey Mask is still good. It has stood the test of time. Yes it is really dated but it still a good mystery with somethings that surprised me at the end.
Charles is back from abroad after he left England four years ago. He was engaged to Margaret for a real short time after being friends for years. Margaret just dumped him and would not speak to him before he left.
Charles was not planning to go to his home till the next day but his dinner plans cancelled on him so he decided to check how his house was taken care of. He found his gate unlocked and then the back door was left open a little so he went in quitely and saw a light in other room and voices. He had a whole he could look through into that room from a closet. He saw a guy with grey mask and a few others and heard them plotting to kill someone if needed too. Charles was set to find police when he saw Margaret and recongized her. He could not turn her in.
He went to Miss Silver and got her asking questions for him and between them figured a lot of stuff.
It kept me guessing along. I liked the way they told some facts about Margot by her writing all the time to her friend Stephanie.
I will read more books by Patricia Wentworth. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
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