Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: The Getaway Groom by Molly Liholm

I read the 2011 ebook edition. Don't know if different at all. I enjoyed it. Max thou I did not admire his thinking along the way. Meg was getting married in two weeks and did not have any thing planned for it. She called her college roommate Emma for help.
Emma started a business after she was left at the alter by Max. Have wedding dress, will travel. So other brides won't have to go through what she had to do.She takes what ever the worries are and solves them. Emma would be able to help Meg plan wedding in two weeks. No problems untill she met the groom Frasier, but she knew him as Max.
One other problem someone was stilling from Meg's family business and her brother Jay was number 1 suspect.  Meg was more worried about editing books and getting authors to finsh on track than planning her wedding. So a lot was left to plan between Max and Emma. They both kept rembering how their relationship went.
I liked most of the characters. Lots of couples had relationship in the book.
But I had problems with Max. Would read more of her books. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review.

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