Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: 1225 Christmas Tree lane by Debbie Macomber

Its sad to say goodbye Cedar Cove after all this time. I have read almost everyone of the books and never felt disappointed in them. I love how after thier story ends you still see most of characters in thier routine lives. With the addresses letting everyone know what order the books are in is clever too.
Beth 3 years ago divorced her husband and moved to Cedar Cove from california. Beth bought a Christmas tree farm. She also rescues animals and find them a good home. Started a program with dogs and senior citizens also started a program to take dogs to library.
In the last book she found homes for 4 dogs and delivered to her door was a basketfull of Puppies 10. Beth is overwhelmed too top off busy time of year for christmas tree farm her exhusband is planning to spend christmas with her two college girls.  Beth has not seen her exhusband in three years.
Thier marrage just drifted apart into seperate lives and they noticed when the girls moved out for college.
Beth is going sking with her daughters after christmas so she has set a goal to find them all a good home.  So talking  people seeing who wants a puppy, we get to see and get a update on how everyone is doing.
When Kent shows up at her home  beth has been thinking a lot about how her marriage ended also all the times in between. She has been looking forward to seeing Kent again and maybe to see if their is away back together. But Kent is not alone he has brought a young lady with him Daniel. Beth is very disappointed and her daughters are mad that he is ruining thier plans to get their parents back together.
Cedar Cove is a charming town. This book almost makes me want a puppie. But two dogs and a cat are enough for me. If you have read and enjoyed any of her cedar cove books you will want to read this one.
I was given this book in exchange of honest review.

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