Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Legends by Deborah Smith

 remember reading this book years ago. I still like it and enjoyed reading again. Now I wish I could go back and read other books by her again.
Douglas Kincaid is a selfmade billionare. He collects things and puts the Kincaid name on everything including the dog. He thinks its time for a wife so he is sitting behind a one sided mirror being told about the different women at his party. When a big beautiful woman peers at the mirror and gives him an eyefull.
Elgiva MacRoth drew his attention and got him to show her his garden on the roof than shot him with a tranquiler gun. Kidnapped him off his own highrise building and put him in a cell in highlands of Scottland. Elgiva is a widow and plans to keep Douglas in the cell for a month till his agreement to buy option runs out. He plans to buy her home and village and kick everyone out turning it to a tourist village. He plans to help them find new homes but they have been thier for generations.
Elgiva is also planning to teach him about his own history of the Kincaid clan, She plans to take care of him feed him well and promises he won't be hurt.
Kincaid believes he will be rescued by his security long before his option to buy runs out. He is furious with her tries to embrass her, hurt her and he is attracted to her.
They are both stubborn and determened to have thier own way as they fall for each other.
I have read a lot of her books and plan to read more of her works. After Elgiva story is a lot of book excerpts from different authors that will be available again. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.


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