Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Taken by Brock Eastman

I read a couple of reviews on this book before and said don't start till you have time to finsh. It was good advice. I really enjoyed it and hated that the book was done till the next book comes out in the series.
Oliver has finshed loading all the crates and is wondering where his parents are. He checks on his sister and twins they are asleep so he goes back home and finds a different ship and a whole bunch of soldiers surrounding his house. Oliver sneaks into the garage and before he opens the door to kitchen he sees his parents sitting and a leader is asking them questions. Wondering where the children are. He also lets Oliver and his parents know that he knows what they have discovered on previous trips to find man's orgin.
Oliver is discovered but his dad tries to help him escape and tells him to take the children and leave while he can. Oliver is 17 has been in academy for a year of training. twins are 11 yr boys. Tiffany is a teenager. Oliver is being chased by soldiers and he escapes because he knows the woods around his home.
Oliver gets back on the ship and takes off with the help of Tiffany and make it away to hyperdrive before the other ships can catch them. Oliver has just a little real training on flying the ship but a lot of hours in simalators.
They know where his parents where to meet their backer,but they don't know who to trust since someone has informed on his parents. The kids are all surprised to learn that their is a year supply of stuff on board and the kids were not going back to school their this year.
Tiffany speaks a few different lanages and is reading her mother journal to figure out where they might be taking thier parents, so they can rescue them.
While Oliver was trying to get rid of the ships that followed them he damaged the ship communications.
They land on different planet that every 3 years it becomes a ice planet and that time is comming in 4 days. Oliver & Tiffany head out to dome city to find parts for ship and their parents backer to see if he can help them.
Twins were told to stay in the ship but they don't and meet a blue boy. and he takes something that the twins will get in trouble so they chase him and think he fell off a cliff.
Than being lost they find a group of blue men with a wagon of supplies from thier ship and are taken prisoner.
Thier is a lot more action to the story and not sure who to trust. They all make different friends and still plan to rescue their parents and friends.
It is a story for all ages. I got lost in the story would love to swim in the blue mans pool. I will read the next book in series.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
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