Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Dream Lover by Adrienne Staff

Dream lover opens on Carol dreaming of a man running on a mesa than an old man says, "To Fly with the eagle is to reach for the stars" Then he reaches a hand out to push her off the cliff. Carol has this dream in Atlanta right before she moves out to southwest to be a assintant new manager of a hotel.
The first night thier she sees a display that draws her attention when she is told not to touch it. Dr. Cody Briggs startles her.and goes back to setting up the display.
Dr. Cody Briggs has had a hard year. He feels he has lost everything he cared about. People he trusted betrayed him. he was fired from his job that he loved for not being a team player. So now he is giving jeep tours out in the deseret working with the hotel.
As Carol  learns the new hotel she staffs the concierge desk while the regular one is on vacation. She is getting rave reviews about Cody jeep tours. how he does chants, holds bugs and she wonders if it is safe for thier visitors and wont use him till she finds out what is so different about his tours.
Cody really wants to keep giving tours because he can teach them about the deseret he loves. That way he doesent miss teaching so much. Cody is attracted to Carol but feels she has had worst time than he has.
Carol keeps dreaming and seeing Cody in dream and she wants to stay alone. She has a hard time sleeping at nights.
Cody sees a vision in campfire of Carol and at a sweat lodge is has another vision of her. That same time their is a sing for sick baby and Carol wants to help so she is staying outside and praying for the baby. An old Indian who is late to the sing stops and talks to her. Tells her to forgive herself and after the sing to ask for a eagle prayer feather. But he was not really thier.
Carol wants to be left alone but Cody fell in love with her and wants to help her and be with her and share her trails.
It is a nice romance but not a great one. easy fast read. After the story thier are a bunch of excerpts from other loveswepts that are comming out again this month.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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