Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reviw: The Baby's Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton

In The Baby's Bodyguard deals with a tough subject of women and children trafficing. It is a emotional book when you know so much of it still happens.
But I did enjoy routing for Ethan and Kelsey and booing the bad guys.
Two years ago Ethan was undercover on women trafficing when is son and wife were killed. Now someone is using his son picture to get him to rescue a little girl they named Jane. Jane was all alone on a boat and her GPS was sent to Ethan to check and see about his son.
Kelsey his the social worker who meets Ethan at the dock to take care of Jane. They don't have any free foster parents so Kelsey keeps Jane with her. Jane has major health problems but before they can be taken care of someone breaks into Kelsey apartment and tries to kill them. Kelsey makes it a few blocks away to where Ethan boat is.
So who is Jane? Why was Ethan wife and son killed? Who is texting Ethan about his son? Who is trying to kill Jane & Kelsey?
Its a good suspense story. I think Jane and Nolan are cute Would like to see a story about Nolan. Would read more books by Stephanie Newton based on this book.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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Stephanie Newton said...

Thanks for the great review! Nolan will be the hero of the book that's currently scheduled for July 2012. :)

All the best,
Stephanie Newton