Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: The Surgeon Secret Baby by Ann Christopher

Lia is a single mom of 8 yr old Jalen and is FBI computer specialists. She is getting tour of hospital that she is going to upgrade there security because she had hacked into their systom to find who is Jalen son.
Dr. Thomas Bradshaw is chief surgeon and the youngest one too. When Lia bursts into his office and says she needs to talk to him. Thomas had been going to find out who she was after thier clash earlier in the day. Lia tells him he his the father of her 8 year old boy. Thomas knows he had never met her but than explains how she broke in hospital records to find the sperm donor she had used, because her son is in kidney failure and she is not a match. She shows him a picture of Jalen and it is like looking at his picture when he was that age.
Thomas is shocked than he realized that he wanted to be a father and in his life if the DNA test came back positive. Of course it does and he is a match for kidney too. Thomas soon loves Jalen and cares for Lia too. Then Thomas dad shows up the Admiral. Admiral and Thomas dont have a close relationship. He cares for jalen too and gets close to him and works at being closer to Thomas too.
Its a good romance novel. good relationships and trying to make better ones. I would read more books by Ann Christopher.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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