Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review:Cowboy Like Us/ Notorious by Vickie Lewis Thompson

Their are 2 different stories in this ebook I liked the first one better. They are Harlequin Blaze so they have too many sex scenes for me.
In Cowboys like us Logan Carswell is a former catcher for Chicago Cubs. Logan is at the wedding of good friend Alex Keller in Shoshone, Wyoming. Logan is feeling down because he doesn't know what he will do in the future with his knee problems now, all he has wanted to be is a baseball player.
Caro Davis is up beat and positive attidude he likes right now. Caro all she does is bartending and drives to visit her grandmother in care center. Her grandmother raised her and is depressed that she had to sell her home and go into care center. Caro thinks Logan is hot and he will only be around a few days and she could use a break.
Caro gets Logan to go to care center and he visits and talks baseball they want autoghraphs and he has a good time. Caro tells her grandmother about a program to help turn boys thats going to start and she wants to make quilts for the bunk beds to help welcome them.
Her grandmother thinks that is a good idea and she could help and then looked around her and realized that a lot of people can help. Organizing and makeing quilts gets her grandmother out of her depression and back to her old self.
Helping out at care center has helped Logan to feel useful again.
I liked this story and would like to read the other books about chance. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
Notorious is the second book. notorious is all about sex with little else to plot line.
Noah Garfield is in Las Vegas for a friend wedding and he is the last single guy among them. Why his walking past a strip joint he sees Keely about to go in and thinks she their for job interview not a article interview for her job as magazine. Keely left his ranch ten years ago after she modle nude in magazine. Her father and sister still work for him and she has not seen or talked to them since.
Noah thinks she is homeless and offers her to stay in his room for weekend and he will help her find better job.
Keely has wanted him since she was 16 and he turned her down and lets him think he can help her. Keely plans to seduce him and he plans to not take advantage. So Keely is always talking dirty about sex and walking nude to tempt him.

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