Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: An Angel for Christmas by Heather Graham

Posted 8/11/2011: Its a charming family in an old family home they have had for two hundred years, The family always come together for christmas. This time thier is added tension. Shayne is now divorced doc. with two kids that wasn't supposed to be with him this Christmas. Conner age 9 and Genevieve age 6. Morwenna is thier but her boyfriend is in Mexico with co-workers She is work acholic supposed to be using her art but now in management. Bobby is the youngest and keeps changing colleges and what he wants. Now he wants in Juliard even though his father keeps telling him he cant make money on singing. Mike is a proscuter and see's lot of bad people. He wants the best for his three kids. Stacy is mom and grandmother and is a homemaker.
This year they all got to cabin okay and surprise Shayne has his kids. Cindy wanted them to have a family christmas. So they had already most of presents mailed to them. The internet was out and so was cable and no cell phone coverage. Which would not have been bad but they found a wounded man outside with head injury. His name he said was Gabe and he was a police officer chasing a bad guy who hit him over the head and stole his uniform.
They could not call to get him help but at least Shayne could take a look at him and offer first aid.
Mike was not trusting him at all.
Too entertain the kids Morwenna told a story with old art pictures while bobby played some music. Shayne with a mop on head face cold cream became aboniable snowman gabe became a christmas elf. Which they acted out the story for kids and had a great time.
The next day was Christmas an another man showed up in police uniform but no id. Saying Gabe was crook.
So they handcuffed both one in garage and one is shed till they could walk down to tavern and see if they could help. Gabe was understanding that they where trying to do what was right but Luke kept telling them they could be arrested for aiding Gabe.
Genevieve was sneaking out of house and fell down a mountain. Morwenna was in tool shed gaurding Gabe and started running before she slid down and Gabe ran past her and slid down was able to stop Genevieve before she fell further he was using his body and holding on tree. Morwenna was above them aways and was holding on somthing. Right away Genevieve was missing so grandmother and bobby saw and got rope. Shayne was in back and bobby in front of rope got the rope down to Morwenna and she got it over Genevieve and thay pulled her up. then pulled up Morwenna than Mike came and helped pull up Gabe.
The family was grateful all where okay but still did not trust either man.
They had more adventures before they figured out who was telling the truth. Prayers where answered and the family all got closer and closer even Cindy the kids mom showed up.
It was full of Christmas and angels. It was a nice Christmas story you felt good at the end. I would read other books by Heather Graham.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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