Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: From Dirt to Diamonds by Julia James

Its a romance novel. Thea is hoping that Giles was about to ask her to marry him. Her dream that she has worked hard for.  Before Giles could get the question out Angelos's came up to their table and rudely gave Thea his card and said, "Call me"Then went back to his table. Giles said how rude and finally got the question out. Thea said,"yes"
When Angelos did not recieve the call next day he went to her apartment with his bodyguard, He bullyed his way in and threatened her with the name Kat. Angelos told Thea that unless she broke off with Giles he would tell him all about Kat and her real past.  Angelos wanted Thea to come stay with him at his hotel so Giles would believe that she chose Angelos from her past instead of Giles.
Angelos's is a greek tycoon who five years ago almost hired Kat to do a modleing job for his company.  Angelos never mixed business with pleasure so he dropped Kat from the modleing job so he could persue her.
Kat was excited to hear she got the job because she could start getting more work and get a real apartment. She was raised by the state after she turned 18 she found out that her mom was a drug addict was taken from her. Her grandmother was an acholic so state took her mom away and they both paid for their addictions with prostution and did not know the fathers.  Kat swore to not be like them so no drugs,sex or drinking.
Then Mike came and threatened her that he knew she was getting the job and she had to pay him what ever she got or he would cut her face like he did cut her friend.  Mike had been following her around and she had not realized it.  Kat was really scared and then she found out that after all she was not hired.  So Kat went to Angelos's hotel room to beg for her job back with Mike outside waiting for something. Angelos almost got her to say for job she would have sex with her but told her that she was a whore and he never mixed business with pleasure to get out.  He was angry. Kat was furious and scared and saw watch by her and took it to pay Mike.
Before Kat got out of hotel cops came and took her to jail.  Before Kat was thinking well at least she was safe from Mike now.  When other cops were talking about bad accident that killed the motorcycle rider Mike.  Kat than told cops that Angelos had given her the watch as payment than changed his mind and gave the cops the watch.  So because she had witness that Kat was in the room as a guest of his it was he said she said deal they were not arresting her.
Angelos was mad so he got her fired from modeling agency, fired from day job even kicked out of room she rented. He took what little she had away.  All Kats hope and dreams.
Then She started over as Thea and modeled out of Manchester instead of London and got more refined and learned more social skills and got some success. Almost Married and on her way to be next wife of a Viscount. Then Angelos came back. to take that away.
Thea did break with Giles and went with Angelos to switerland but she still did not drink,drugs or sex.  Thea tried to ignore Angelos, but they became closer and closer.  More misunderstandings till things resolved.
I was entertained with it. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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