Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review:1105 Yakima street by debbie Macomber

I read the first six books and than I forgot about them. I still enjoy the characters and am sorry I missed a few in between. So next I will read the last book in the series.
Rachel has left her husband of less than a year of marriage. She is pregnant and the fighting of her step daughter and her husband not wanting to jump in just wanted peace.  Rachel had to leave for her health and the babys. She keeps loosing weight instead of gaining weight. Her blood pressure is way high.
Rachel had a good relationship with Jolene for years before she married Bruce. Jolene was jealous and glad that Rachel moved out and doesn't want her dad to have anything to do with her.
Rachel has no where to go and her old boyfriend said he was renting a room in a house and thier was one extra the owner was at sea at the moment. Nate said, "He had a girl friend so she did not have to worry about him wanting to get back with her. So Rachel moved into with Nate her room was on main floor and the other bedrooms where upstairs.
Bruce dosen't know where and who she is living with in fact no one does. Bruce is trying to get Rachel back and tries to talk at the salon but Jolene and friends show up and start yelling. Rachel boss does not like it. Finaly rachel gets a job where Bruce had no idea where she lives or works, she has blocked his cell phone number so he cant even call her.
Bruce finally goes to counsling when Rachel first wanted to go.
It also tells about whats going on in a lot of familar characters of past books and what they are up too.
It was good to read it all again. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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