Friday, August 5, 2011

Cooking the Books by Bonnie S. Calhoun

5 STARS I would read more Sloane Templeton mystery books. I enjoyed Cooking the Books. Felt her taste in men was not great.
Sloan was working in a bookstore but not happy to be there. Her mom had owned the bookstore, but 3 months ago she died. In fact Sloan owns the whole building all 4 floors of it. thier are inside stairs and outside stairs. Sloan apartment is 3 and 4 floors. Her mom is on the second floor and bookstore on the ground floor.
Sloan exhusband abused her so she left and got a divorce and now he sueing her for part of what she inherted. Her next boyfriend Trey beat her and runs the neighbord gang. Now she dating dr. Andreas. Trey does not like Sloan is dating someone else especially a white guy. Trey wants Sloan back. Sloan tries to keep Andreas and Trey away from each other.  She hides that Trey is bothering her or that he beat her up again.
Sloan is being pestered to sale the building without her building the major rebuild project won't go through. They won't take no from her.  Sends Robbie over again and again and finally with someone else over.
Someone is threatening her over the internet. Sloan aunt  Verlene is threatening her with her cooking. Verlene keeps on starting fires and then gets robbed at gunpoint. Verlene new boyfriend is a cop who fixes all her tickets. We here a lot about him but don't meet him, just his partner Justice. Who investigates the robbery of antique book worth a lot of money. Also the death threats and the dead rat with knife in it.
the group of senior citizens meeting at bookstore is not about books.  The senior citizens all are carrying guns and go to target practice once a week. Trey does not like her dating Andreas.
Their is a lot going on in the book and not everything was answered so leads to another book hopefully. Good clean fun mystery book. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
ISBN: 9781426733888

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