Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: The Baron by Sally goldenbaum

4It shows how important it is to show love  your children and family. I enjoyed Halley character how she throws herself into her work and community,friends.
Her friend Leo who got her the job and donated the Throne library asked her a favor. To be a guest at a murder weekend. One of the guests came down with the flue and they need that character as part of the story. She was to play the part of a Countess Who long ago was lover with Baron and they relite their romance. So Halley borrows antique cloths from friends shop and goes to the party almost backs out when she sees the mansion.
Everyone knows each other except for the actors and Halley. No one uses real names for weekend, but she found out the Baron name was really Nick.
Nick was willing to play the romance of the story he was impressed with Halley. They had a fun weekend but Halley left early and did not tell Nick goodbye.
Throne library and estate were given to the community and Halley was in charge. She even lived in a cottage on the state. Halley had a lot of programs for different ages from preschool to senior citizens.
Nick followed and found where she worked and was around her family,friends and community where they all showed love that he had a hard time understanding but he was learning. but was it to late? What secrets did Nick keep from halley?
It was fun to be part of their world learning  about love. I enjoyed the book and will read more from Sally.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review from netgalley. STARS

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