Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Wyoming Tough by Diana Palmer

I enjoy Diana Palmer's books.  I have read a lot of her stories and some of the names spoken seem real familar.
Morie has run away from home because she wants to learn ranching and her father and brother won't teach her.  She is pretending that she is down and out to get hired on a ranch in Wyoming. Morie is tired of guys wanting to marry her because of who her father is a very rich texas rancher. Morie wants to marry someone who loves her not her money.
Mallory is one of three brothers who own the family ranch and they are makeing it pay off. All 3 have served in milatary at one time. Tank got his nickname because he took down a tank with a granade. Cord is the 3 brother.
Mallory has final say on ranch matters. He has a girl friend that he hangs around who has set up and got one cowboy fired for theft. She wants Morie fired is telling lies about her.
Morie is learning ranching from the forman is taking the time to teach her. She loves the work. Likes Mallory as a boss tease him and was amazed when she threw some cattle dip on his white shirt she was not fired.
Morie causes a fight with all 3 brothers when one was tring to learn part on piano and wants to borrow her ipod to hear it again. Morie says she can show him on the piano and plays it for him. Tank and Cord want her to quit ranching and take to playing piano when they realize she so good. They yell at Mallory she should not being doing that hard work.
Mallory thinks she is trying to play him when she mentions durning some kissing about children. Mallory is tired of women to take him for money.
its a good romance Morie makes a lot of new friends in Wyoming. When she helps the cook make food for rich guests at a party, Her uncle a judge in Texas walks in kitchen and finds his niece thier keeps her secret from her father where she is at.  But because she is talking to the judge outside and later calls him late at night.  Mallory thinks she is making a play at her uncle but she can't tell him who he is.
I enjoyed reading this book and will definately read more from her in the future.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/25/2011 PUB  HARELQUIN

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