Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: The Sixes by Kate White

I liked the story but some parts were a little jumpy from time to time. I went back to see if I missed somthing and than forward and it went back to what I thought I missed.
Phoebe was celebrating her a new book being on New York best seller 6 weeks. Thought everything was going well and then the bottom droped. Her guy dumped her. She was accused of using another writers work. Turns out a researcher for her put papers in wrong folder and she did not catch it. Media was all over her. They were holding off from publishing paperback book. her blog was dropped.
A friend who now was President of a small college Lyle she needed someone to teach writing classes. She could get away from all the media.
A female student went missing Lily. Phoebe realized that she had a conversation that looking back might be important. About mistakes she made and how she wanted to start over.
Phoebe friend asked her to look into Lily disappearance to see if thier was a secret group of girls called the six. If they did exist what was purpose and were they harrassing other students. Because of Phoebe past and how she gets people to tell her things.
Lily turns up drown in the river and a year earlier her boyfriend went missing.
Someone starts breaking into Phoebe house and causing her problems like dead Rats in freezer. Trying to scare her off. Even when she changed the locks they kept getting in.
Someone thinks thier is a serial murder around drowning students. Thier is drug use on campus, The more Phoebe asks questions the more problems are found at college.
The story was good but thier were a lot of different story lines about bad stuff at college. As a mother of two girls in college did not like that. But I know its all out thier. It kept my attention. Would read more books written By Kate White.

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