Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: To Touch a Sheikh by Olivia Gates

Maram Aal Waaked is in the middle of the deseret to watch a horse race put on by Amjad Aal Shalaan. Her father Prince Aal Waaked was invited but because of health reasons could not come. Also Maram has been trying to get his attention for four years since she first met him.
Amjad does not trust women his first wife came to him not a virgin and he forgave her since he was not one either. Then he forgave her that she was pregnant by someone else but he would not forgive her for putting arsnic in everything to kill him.
Amjad found out that Maram father was behind the theft of the royal jewels of Zohayd. With out the jewels to show his people on the annual ceremony. His family will loose the thrown and tear his people into apart.
Amjad had planned to kidnap Prince Aal Waaked till he gave the jewels back. Decided to just take Maram instead.
Maram had no idea she was kidnapped at all. Maram thought that They were got in sand storm and hid out at his place. Too busy falling in love with Amjad.
Their is a lot of flirting and calling each other names. Amjad is opening up to her.
I liked it skipped a few love scenes. I was given this ebook in exchange for review.

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