Wednesday, August 24, 2011

review: Catching Santa by Marc Franco

I enjoyed the different Santa story. Jakob was having a bad day at recess everyone laughed at him even his three best friends, because he said he still believed in Santa. Rick is the kid who started all the trouble at school. Rick's sister Tiffany was in middle school and she was trying to convince Jakob his three friends were cursed because they denied santa and so if they don't lift the curse by Christmas than no more presents from Santa forever.  Then things get really weird fast and they find out thats more than Santa out their.
Jakob can fight smoke thats attacking his friends. Jakob is made aware that he has to trap Santa on Christmas to set free Rick and his family.
Its about standing with your friends and trying to help each other and thier is consequences if you choose wrong.  I look forward to reading the next Kringle Chronicle book 2.

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