Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: This fierce splendor by Iris Johansen

I now want to go read all of the delaney's stories again. I enjoyed most of the book to many sex scenes for me but love the rest of it.
Elspeth is on a stage comming to the town Hell's Bluff from Ireland. She has come to try and get Dominic Delaney to guide her to fable lost city Kantalan in south america. She knows he had a map telling how to get there, she wants to study and find greater knowledge of atlantis.
Dominic is a gun fighter, gambler and has some stake in some claims around the gold rush of Hell's Bluff. He does not believe the city is really there. He told her father he was not interested in taking them.
Elspeth follows into a cathouse to show him that she was determined. When that did not work she stood across the street till he came out and followed him till dark. Then she went into the saloon and told him she was not giving up.
Dominic kidnapped her and took her to a cabin outside of town with the idea of taking her innocense. But she got away and was badly injured. Dominic was afraid she would never come too. His cousin Sliver was brought to take care of her.
Eventually he took her back to his family home and married her and right after someone tried to kill him.
So they went to see if the lost city was really their.
Along the way they realized that they loved each other. Thier was gunfights, hanging and adventure along the way.
I have read lots of her books and real read more of them. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

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