Tuesday, August 30, 2011

review: Tall Dark and Lonesome

I enjoyed reading Tall,Dark and Lonesome. I liked how Niki could laugh at herself.
We first meet Niki when she is riding a chuck wagon for a cattle drive her New York editor signed her up for in Wyoming. Niki was actually from this small area  and had only been back in 8 years for quick visits.
She was late arriving so she got first  dab at the chuckwagon but she got it stuck in the mud. She was trying to get it out when she fell in the mud and sat on her hair and was laughing when Zach first met her.
Zach did not tell her he was the trailboss or ranch owner or one of the Westons who owned a lot of property in wyoming and was thinking of a run at politics.
Niki did not bring a tent just bought extra warm sleeping bag. when Zach got back to camp and saw her not sleeping in tent he woke her and made her sleep in his tent, with him and his two cattle dogs.
It was fun to read about romance of cattle drives and cowboys. Watch them fall in love and Zach kept on chasing her telling her she can run but not hide.
Niki job and life was in New York. She hated wyoming and small town gossip especially about her. New if Zach learned about her history he would not want to know her.
Zach has a hard time trusting women that they won't leave him after his mom died when he was six and after his dad fourth marriage gave up on his stepmoms staying.
I was given this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

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