Monday, August 8, 2011

review; Lone Defender by Shirlee McCoy

I realy enjoy reading lone defender. Its a clean romance and survival story.
It starts out in the deseret with Skylar Grady she has been trying to get out of the deseret the last 6 days. Skylar woke up alone in a jeep somewhere in a deseret. She has walked and walked she wants to live to find out who is trying to kill her. She is in bad shape.
When at night she sees someone else and he calls her name she tries to run from him and fight but then he names her boss Kane and that he had got him to look for her. Jonas Sampson got a call from a college buddy to go look for her. He thought he would find a body but he was willing to track her so he would have closure.
Jonas has been a tracker and border patrol up until 4 years ago when wife and unborn child was murder as payback for jonas  stopping drugs and guns smuggled in. He is now a contracter.
When he realizes that someone brought her out in the deseret to have her die so it looked like her fault not murder. He realizes that the group he has seen out thier is up to know good. So they try to get somewhere for shelter out of weather and they can have protection someone else pops up and tries to kill her but  they get gun away and skylar at the end of her rope but somehow she is able to get strengh and they climb up a mesa to a cave he knows and rests thier.  Till the group following them gets to mesa and they finsh climb and keep going till daylight when rescue chopper gets them out.
Jonas tries to get Skylar on a plane back home to her boss, but Skylar is determined to find out who is trying to kill her.
Skylar used to be a cop till her partner shoots her in order to protect the bad guys and with three wounds she is left with only desk job so she becomes a private detective and the only case she is working is a guy who owes back child support. Skylar relies a lot on prayer and her faith keeps her going.
Skylar and Jonas start to look into her missing guy to find out  whos trying to kill her. She has more attemps to take her life. Jonas starts to get his faith back and realizes he ready to get back to his old job that he is good at. They fall in love and keep trying to protect each other.
I would read more of Shirlee McCoy's books. It was a mystery ,love story,survival, good over bad,faith and action story. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

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